Ahrens Chamber-Tech 2000

Ahrens Chamber-Tech 2000
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Many Masonry fireplaces are in need of help. Time, heat, moisture and acid attack have taken their toll on the complete system, not to mention poor design during construction. Chimneys can be relined and fireboxes can easily be repaired, but until the development of CHAMBER-TECH 2000 the smoke chamber between the firebox and chimney had often been neglected.

The smoke chamber is crucial to the proper performance and safe burning of a fireplace. Often masons would leave this area corbeled and rough which would cause turbulent draft. Cleaning and maintenance would also be very difficult. Combustible building materials are often too close and risk overheating.

CHAMBER-TECH 2000 is the answer to those rough, deteriorated, uninsulated and improperly formed smoke chambers. CHAMBER-TECH 2000 will insulate, reducing conduction to combustible materials, add needed structural strength and at the same time shape the smoke chamber for efficient flow of smoke and gasses. Cleaning and maintenance will become much easier in the future.

CHAMBER-TECH 2000 is the cost effective solution to fireplace 
smoke chamber problems.

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