Flat Ceiling Support Kit

Flat Ceiling Support Kit is used for passing through an attic area and penetrating through the roof
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The Flat Ceiling Support Kit provides the support package and termination parts for a chimney that is supported by a flat ceiling, passes through an attic area and penetrates the roof. All that is necessary to complete the installation is to add the necessary Insulated Pipe lengths. Depending upon the roof design, and the position of your chimney on the roof, it may be necessary to install a Roof Brace Kit to provide support for your chimney above the roof.

An Attic Insulation Shield is a required part of the installation even if you have no insulation in the area where your chimney passes through the attic.

The Ceiling Support Kit consists of the following parts:

  • Stove pipe adapter
  • Finish support package
  • Attic insulation shield
  • Adjustable flashing
  • Storm collar
  • Round top
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