Thru-the-Wall Support Kit

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The Thru-the-Wall Support Kit is used when a chimney is passing horizontally through an exterior wall
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The Thru-the-Wall Support Kit is used for a wall-supported chimney system with a horizontal length passing through an exterior wall, connecting to a Tee and running vertically up the exterior wall to a termination above the roof line. The Thru-the -Wall Support Kit contains all the necessary parts for a complete installation with the exception of the required Insulated Pipe lengths to reach your desired chimney height.

One Wall Band is included with the kit. Additional Wall Bands may be required if your vertical chimney run is more than 16' high. In the event that your vertical chimney run penetrates the roof eave, your installation may also require an Adjustable Flashing and Storm Collar.

The Thru-the-Wall Support Kit includes:

  • Wall support kit
  • Insulated wall thimble
  • Insulated Tee/Plug
  • Finishing collar
  • Chimney pipe adapter
  • 12" insulated pipe length
  • Wall band
  • Round top
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