Napoleon Timberwolf 2300 Economizer Large Wood Burning Stove

UNIT INCLUDES:Pedestal, Fully Refractory lined Firebox, Painted Black Door & Ash Pan Kit.

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Wood Burning Stove Excellence

No other hearth manufacturer in North America has perfected wood burning technology to the level that Napoleon® has.

Years of research, strict quality testing and patented wood burning technology have surpassed critical standards, providing you with the cleanest, most efficient wood burning products. Napoleon's patented large wood burning stove technology exceeds EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) standards substantially making a difference in keeping our environment clean.

The Timberwolf® 2300 large wood burning stove, the largest in the series, provides a high area heat service and an economical solution to home comfort. A large viewing area provides a warm ambiance and the mesmerizing view of a flickering flame.


  • EPA Certified
  • All Timberwolf stoves come standard with a fully refractory lined firebox and painted
    black cast iron door
  • Conveniently located air control lever
  • Optional blower kit
  • Ash pan with lid included
  • Pedestal included

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Add one large piece of wood to the top of an established fire. If it starts to burn on all three sides within one minute, it is dry and seasoned and right for burning. If it turns black and starts to burn in three minutes, it is damp. If it turns black and does not start burning until after five minutes, it is green and wet. If it hisses at any time, the wood is soaked and will not burn until excess moisture is boiled away.

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