Napoleon Wood Burning Insert with Blower Oakdale 1101M

Napoleon Wood Burning Insert with Blower Includes: WHISPER QUIET™ heat circulating blower with automatic thermostatic variable control.

(Door must be ordered separately)

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The Napoleon wood burning insert with blower won a prestigious industry award for its unique design, which allows for flush mount or hearth mount installation in either a masonry or factory built fireplace.

Napoleon Wood Burning Fireplace Insert Unit Includes:

WHISPER QUIET™ heat circulating blower with automatic thermostatic variable control.

(Surround/Flashing and Door must be ordered separately)

Doors: Matching spring handles for door and air control are included with door (which must be purchased separately).

Decorative Options: Flashing or Cast iron surround must be ordered to complete the unit.

  • Standard Flashing Complete w/trim - designed to fit/cover openings smaller than 32" H x 44 1/2" W
  • Cast Iron Surround kit - finished outside dimension 28 1/2" H x 42 1/4" W

EPI-1101M Wood Burning Insert

Minimum Opening: 28 1/2" W X 22" H X 16 1/2" D

( To allow for shallow fireplace openings - Napoleon 1101 insert adjusts up to 5", from 15 1/8" to 20 1/8" in depth )

  • Large viewing area through an elegantly arched cast iron door
  • Effective air wash in combination with high temperatures keeps the viewing glass clean
  • Includes WHISPER QUIET™ heat circulating blower
  • Economical 6" flue assures you of efficiency and cost saving installations
  • Secondary air tube insulated with ceramic fiber and protected with a stainless steel cover plate ensures complete combustion
  • Cool room air is circulated around the firebox, heated and returned to the room
  • Non-catalytic high tech design eliminates the need for a delicate ceramic catalytic combustor which can deteriorate over time
  • The easy operation of a single lever burn control regulates  primary and secondary air establishing a perfect mixture and providing a clean burn.
  • President's Limited Lifetime Warranty

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Years of research, strict quality testing and patented wood burning technology have surpassed critical standards, providing you with the cleanest, most efficient Napoleon wood burning insert with blower. Napoleon® regularly exceeds EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) standards, making a difference in keeping our environment clean.

Specifications                               EPI-1101M

Fuel                                               Wood

BTU Output                                    11,400 – 42,200 BTU’s

BTU Output – High Burn                  55,000 BTU’s

Firebox Capacity                              1.7 (cu ft)

Area Heated                                     600 – 1,600+ (sq ft)

Burn time                                        7 hours

Log Size                                          18″

Emissions                                         4.1 (grams per hour)

Blower kit                                          Included

Mobile Home Approved                       No


Add one large piece of wood to the top of an established fire. If it starts to burn on all three sides within one minute, it is dry and seasoned and right for burning. If it turns black and starts to burn in three minutes, it is damp. If it turns black and does not start burning until after five minutes, it is green and wet. If it hisses at any time, the wood is soaked and will not burn until excess moisture is boiled away.

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