Top Mount Hip and Ridge Multi Flue Hinged Chimney Cap

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All caps are manufactured with 304 stainless steel and come complete with easy to install instructions and LIFETIME WARRANTY. The sturdiest most durable cap on the market.


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Fireside Chimney Supply carries the largest variety of multi flue caps in the industry. These multi flue caps are installed on the top of the chimney cap and have a hinged base that can be mounted on the outside or inside of the Stainless Steel screen. If measuring from the outside dimension of the chimney please subtract 3" from the length measurement and 3 " from the width measurement to allow for the top mount hinge . This style of multi flue has the unique look of a hip and ridge top. The Hip and Ridge top has a Standard 10/12 Pitch with a Standard Overhang of 3 3/4". Other Options Available

It is recommended that a 6" minimum clearance from top of the flue tile, liner or chimney to the cap lid be followed for proper drafting. Fireside chimney supply offers five different heights of screen for this accommodation. We have screen heights in five different sizes: 8", 10", 12", 14" and 16".

Whether you are ordering one Multi Flue for your home or you are ordering 50 for your job site or community project....."no job is too big or too small". Discounts on orders of 5 or more Multi Flue covers. Call for details.

As the Hip and Ridge Pitch (w/Std. Overhang) increases, it will decrease the height of the screen.

Example: A 3/12 Pitch on a Hip and Ridge Multi Flue will decrease the screen height by .908”.

Using a Std. Overhang of 3.75”           Using an Overhang of 5.00”                                 

3/12 Pitch =  -.908”                          3/12 Pitch =  -1.21”

4/12 Pitch =  -1.19”                          4/12 Pitch =  -1.59”

5/12 Pitch =  -1.44”                          5/12 Pitch =  -1.91”

6/12 Pitch =  -1.67”                          6/12 Pitch =  -2.23”

7/12 Pitch =  -1.89”                          7/12 Pitch =  -2.52”

8/12 Pitch =  -2.08”                          8/12 Pitch =  -2.78”

9/12 Pitch =  -2.26”                          9/12 Pitch =  -3.01”

10/12 Pitch = -2.41”                         10/12 Pitch =  -3.21”

11/12 Pitch = -2.53”                         11/12 Pitch =  -3.38”

12/12 Pitch = -2.65”                         12/12 Pitch =  -3.54”





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