Heating with a fireplace is one of the best ways to heat. If you ask your grandparents how they used to heat their homes growing up they will likely tell you that it was done with a fireplace. Back years ago about the only way that you could heat your home was with a fireplace burning wood. Now days we have all kinds of ways to heat our homes. Popular ways to heat homes now days include: gas, propane, oil, wood pellets and electric. There is a lot of ways to heat homes but some people prefer different heat sources.

One thing about heating with a chimney and that is you will be burning wood. You will have an actual fire making your heat. There is a big difference between heating with electricity and heating with real fire. If you have a chimney every so often you will need to put in a new chimney liner. It is important to do this because a real fire can cause a real fire to your home if you do not take care of your chimney. Heating with a chimney is a great way to heat that both warms your home and is relaxing while you watch the fire burn.