Custom made covers are the best

Different people have different types of chimneys. They are of different dimensions. Since a chimney chase cover is supposed to fit on top of the chimney life a perfect lid, it is best if you provide the dimensions of your chimney and get them custom made. There are a number of stores that offer customized chimneys for customers.  When you order custom chimney covers, you also have a choice between choosing the patterns, you can choose ones with holes. You can choose between various attachments such as ones with bottom drip edge or funnels to divert water. The chimney is made to your precise specifications and delivered.

Shop online

There are a number of online stores that provide chimney covers made to your specifications. You can log on to the company website and give in your details. Direct phone service is also available. By taking your specifications, these stores will ship you the completed cover. However, the major drawback with customized covers is that they are non-returnable. If you are not happy with the make, you might not get your money back because the cover is custom made. This is one factor that you need to check before buying the cover.