Stainless steel


A stainless steel chase cover is by far the best chase cover, due to a number of reasons. Firstly, they are resistant to all weather conditions. They do not weaken for extreme sun or rust during rains and snow. They are extremely good to resist freezing and thawing and remain unaffected. You can either go in for a plain chimney chase cover or choose one that is galvanized. However, galvanized steel is not recommended since they are more prone to rusting. If you already have a galvanized steel chimney or the cover, then you have to get a stainless steel chase cover fitted over it. With stainless, even if there is a bit of rusting, removal is very easy. Stains can also be easily removed.




The other recommended material for chimney chase covers is aluminum. Aluminum is as good as stainless steel and highly resistant to corrosion. High grade aluminum is also used for all outdoor uses including aircraft parts and outdoor furniture. Aluminum is easy to maintain and cost effective. In fact, aluminum is more cost effective than stainless steel. With all these benefits, these two metals are the best for chimney covers. They are log lasting and offer a great return on your investment not just by being durable but by protecting the chimney as well.