When you come to select your chimney liner, also known as a flue liner, there are several different things to consider and many different types of chimney liner available on the market. Knowing what to buy for your own chimney isn't always easy and it can be a struggle to find the chimney liner for you when there are so many different models available. It's not something you will do very often and so it's understandable if you are not well versed in chimney liners and what the differences between them are. Here we will look at what chimney liner options you have and how to go about installing the right chimney liner for you.

So as mentioned there are many different types of chimney liner and these will depend on which of the many different types of chimney you have, its dimensions and the type of fireplace you have burning underneath. For instance wood burning fireplace inserts may be different from other forms of chimney liners. You can also get different materials for your actual chimney liners for instance stainless steel chimney liners.