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Fireside Chimney Supply understands that keeping your chimney free from dangerous chemicals is imperative for preventing erosion which could cost you a lot of money to repair. Additionally they also would like to offer you 100% free shipping on your order to the continental US which they will ship out within 24 hours.

Fireplace Refractory Panels


To improve the efficiency of your fireplace make sure to install fireplace refractory panels. These panels reflect heat back into the room ensuring that you get the most from your fireplace when you use it. Fireside Chimney Supply offers you a variety to choose from and they're all incredible cost-efficient.

Flexible Chimney Liners


Regardless of what material your chimney is made of you’re going to need a chimney liner to ensure that harsh chemicals or not wearing away at it. Not only do theyt cause a lot damage which can be expensive to repair it also makes it possible for harmful chemicals such as carbon monoxide to get into your home.