When fitting a chimney liner it is imperative that you use flexible chimney liner kits. Many chimneys are not straight, some often have a kink in them and because of this you need a liner that will adapt to the shape of the chimney. Inside the chimney you might find that the masonry is not straight and even, especially in older properties so again the flexibility to get round these problems is vital.

These liners come in a variety of widths, to suit any chimney stack, and they are either single or twin skinned. The single skin liners are only suitable for oil or gas heating systems, but the duel skinned is more versatile and can be used for those systems as well as multi-fuel, and solid fuel burning.

The basic liner kits available typically include: a top plate for the chimney; a rain cap; appliance connectors; chimney liner warranty; installation instructions and of course the stainless steel flexible chimney liner measured to the required length.

If you are not confident in fitting something like a chimney liner then it would be advisable to contact a local supplier for a list of recommended installers. They will be experienced at fitting and be able to give you and advice needed to help maintain your chimney liner kit.