fire heats the home

Many homeowners are wondering this winter how to heat a home during the wintertime using their fireplace. It is really an energy-saving option when it can be done efficiently. In a previous post it was discussed what kinds of wood are good for burning, and many areas of North America are plentiful with forested areas that are full of trees. However, it is important to be sure that it is legal to cut down trees in the area.

Whether bought at the local grocery store or chopped down in the local woods, firewood is able to heat a home when the proper methods are used. Even gas fireplaces are able to heat a home when a couple measures are taken to ensure that more heat is staying in the home than is escaping through the chimney.

Ensure the Fire Heats the Home

Install a Chimney Liner

The chimney liners of Fireside Chimney Supplies are able to prevent the creosote that builds up from causing a chimney fire. The best way to ensure that the fireplace is able to continue heating the home is to keep the chimney in good shape. The chimney liner is a great way to improve an aging chimney or one that is in need of repair from corrosive gasses eating away at it. Chimney liners can also prevent so much heat from leaving the house right up the chimney. As it has been discussed before, a chimney liner can increase the heating efficiency of a fireplace anywhere from 10% to 40%!

Use Seasoned Wood

For wood-burning fireplaces, using properly aged and seasoned wood is a great way to ensure the fire gives off a proper amount of heat. Green wood, or wood has not had enough time since it was cut to dry out properly, is going to produce more smoke than heat, and the fire produced will not heat a home as efficiently as drier wood.

Open the Damper

The fireplace of the chimney is located inside the throat of the chimney, just above the fireplace. It is designed to seal the fireplace shut when it is not in use. When the fire is going, opening the damper will allow more air flow, ensuring the heat is being pulled into the room that needs to be heated.

Turn on the Fan

Another way to increase airflow into a home is to turn on fans that are close to the fireplace to bring the warm air into the home. One way to do this is to turn the fans onto reverse mode, where the air is pulled up instead of pushed down. This will help bring the air away from the fireplace and ensure that warm air is sucked in instead of pulled out through the chimney.

The best way to lengthen the life of a chimney and prevent the buildup of creosote is to install a chimney liner. Chimney liners can be do it yourself for experienced handymen, but many times the better choice may be to have one installed. For fireplace and chimney supplies including stainless steel chimney liners, get in contact with Fireside Chimney Supplies at 1-877-486-8119!