Every winter you will have to heat your home somehow. A lot of people use propane or natural gas systems to heat their homes. These are modern ways to heat your home. They are efficient and heat your home well. If you ask your grandparents what they used to heat their homes with when they was growing up they will likely tell you wood. For a long time the only way to heat homes was using a fireplace and burning wood. Using propane and natural gas did not come along till they was probably much older.

Wood heat is actually a good way to heat your home now days too. Modern homes are nice and insulated compared to homes in the past. One thing that is so great about using a fireplace is that you can not just heat your home but you can also see the heat. Watching a fire burn is a lot more exciting than just merely heating your home with a electric heater. Using a fireplace is not hard and wood is readily available. In fact heating with wood can be cheaper than heating with a lot of other things. It can even be cheaper than heating with propane.