How Long do Chimney Liners Last?

A chimney liner is your best way to avoid a potentially dangerous and even deadly chimney fire. This isn't simply our opinion. The National Bureau of Standards previously determined in the 1940s that chimney liners are essential to keeping a building up to code and ensuring fire safety. Unlined chimneys, and chimneys with a poor quality liner are considered unsafe and a major fire hazard.

A properly insulated chimney liner helps to prevent creosote buildup on the inside walls of the flue. By insulating the inside of the flue from the outside structure of the chimney, the chimney liner keeps the flue hotter. This is important because it minimizes condensation of creosote and moisture inside the flu. This condensation is the cause of dangerous creosote buildup that so often leads to a chimney fire.

A chimney liner is required for optimal performance and safety! Your goal is to make sure your chimney liner passes inspections each year. You can keep up with maintenance by scheduling a fireplace cleaning at least once a year. This won't completely solve the problem, though. Regardless of what you try to do to keep your chimney in excellent condition, the liner is bound to wear down eventually.

A chimney liner may not last forever. How old is yours? If it is too old, it may be time for a chimney liner replacement. The average lifespan of a chimney liner is 25 to 30 years. After two decades, you may need to replace the entire liner to make sure it’s still up to code and not a serious fire risk.

It is important to note that even this "25-30 years'' is a general guideline and not a hard rule. You see, there are factors that can either shorten the lifespan of your chimney liner or improve it. For one, it depends on the type of chimney liner. A well-made Fireside Chimney Supply Fireflex, stainless steel flue liner will certainly have a much longer lifespan, lifetime in most cases, when compared to clay tile liners and cast-in-place liners. In fact, some of the cheapest chimney liners may need substantial repairs or a complete replacement in as little as five years! If you want to go the full time without needing a replacement, you'll want to buy a high-quality product. 

There is also the factor of how well the chimney has been treated. The fireplace and chimney should be cleaned and inspected once a year. If you're unsure, it's better to be on the safe side and have a professional come take a look. A certified CSIA chimney professional is able to inspect the conditions of your fireplace as well as let you know if repairs or a complete replacement is necessary.

Even the best chimney liner won't last forever. It may be time to order a new chimney liner kit online. Once it arrives, you should be able to install a chimney liner fairly easily and quickly. If you have any additional questions, reach out and ask!