You made the decision to shop around and buy a new chimney liner kit online. First of all, congratulations for making a great first move! You're on your way to a safer and more efficient chimney system. Now, what? When it arrives, you actually need to install it! There are some things you can do to prepare for installing your new chimney liner which will make the process easier and less expensive than it would otherwise be. This isn't about actually installing the liner, but what to do beforehand. Here's everything you need to know:


Step #1 Take careful measurements to be sure you are getting the right size liner for your chimney. The liner should reach from the top of your chimney to the damper throat or other connection at the bottom of your flue. As well, you will want to measure the inside diameter of your existing flue to be sure the required diameter of liner will fit inside it. Allow for room for thick insulation. This isn't something to guess or be "pretty sure" about. Measure it exactly. If you want to be extra careful, measure it again!


Step #2 You will need to clean your chimney, fireplace, or woodstove thoroughly before the new installation begins. If you have the proper tools, no fear of heights, and are willing to get pretty dirty, you may be able to clean your chimney system yourself. But, it might be better to have a professional chimney sweep do the cleaning for you. Either way, just make sure it gets clean.


Step #3 This brings us to our next point. Call in help when you need it! Be realistic about which parts of the job you can do yourself and which parts are better left to experts. You wouldn't operate on yourself or try to bake a wedding cake on your own. A properly installed chimney liner will improve your home’s safety and efficiency, but an improperly installed liner could be downright dangerous. If you are not experienced working with chimney systems, it might be a wise idea to hire a chimney professional to do some, most, or even all of the work of installing your new chimney liner for you. You're not a chimney expert and there's nothing wrong with that! Getting your liner installed correctly is the end game, so do whatever it takes to ensure this happens.


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