As children, the only thing we thought about coming down the chimney was a jolly old Santa with presents. As adults, we’re more concerned about other things that may come down our chimney, most notably rain and certain animals.

The chimney can be irritating in that it is the one part of the home that is always “open”. Doors and windows close but the chimney is always an open gap leading into your house. Granted, most animals can’t travel down the chimney and live, but a squirrel falling down the chimney and dying in your fireplace is hardly a pleasant thought.

Heavy rain can also be worrisome for those who own a chimney. When there is heavy wind coupled with the rain, you don’t have to worry so much. The rain falls at an angle and will have a hard time falling directly down the chimney. But, where there is a lot of rain and not much wind, you have a bit more cause for worry.

A solution to these problems is to get a rain cap for your chimney. The rain cap is a steel addition to your chimney that fastens to the top. It’s design allows smoke to leave the chimney but prevents animals or rain from getting in. A rain cap and many other chimney attachments can be found at this website: