Most chimneys that are built have either circular flue (the space in the chimney). Such chimneys would only require a circular chimney liner to work properly. A number of other chimneys, however, have been designed in different fashions, such as with rectangular, square or oval flues. All chimneys need liners to prevent chimney fires and too much smoke coming into the house, hence even the chimneys with non-circular flues require their own types of liners. Fortunately, such liners do exist: the shaped chimney liners. These are shaped to fit any size and kind of chimney flue, be it rectangular, oval or square. These shaped chimney liners also means that one doesn’t necessarily have to demolish their chimney in order to build one with a circular flue.

Since the shaped chimney liners fit snugly into the flue, they ensure that the appliance attached to the chimney (the stove, boiler etc.) works at maximum efficiency, thereby reducing gas consumption. Most of the shaped chimney liners are also usually flexible, meaning that it’s very easy to install them and they don’t require extra bits for the joints. Their flexibility also means that they can be installed without the help of a professional, which would reduce labor costs significantly.