chimney supply

  1. Benefits of Having a Fireplace in Your Home

    When looking for a new home, many buyers lean more towards those that come equipped with a fireplace because not only does it add a sense of comfort to the house, but it also adds an architectural element to both the interior, and exterior. There are several benefits that go beyond the aforementioned as to why having a home with a fireplace is a good investment, and that's aside from being relatively easy to maintain.

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  2. Tips For Keeping Your Fireplace Clean

    Nothing makes the holiday's feel more like the holiday's than gathering with your family around the roaring fire in the fireplace. However, getting your fireplace prepped for the winter months can be an easy task for some, but for most it's not. Before you fire it up, it's important to either hire a professional to do an inspection all the way up through the chimney (if it's not electrical powered), or learn to do it properly on your own.

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