The Benefits of a Chimney Cap

Proper maintenance of your fireplace is incredibly important.  The best way to prevent needing constant maintenance is by investing in the right accessories from the offset.  Not only can chimney caps be a fun way to express your design preferences, but they have several technical benefits to ensure that your fireplace is long-lasting and free of damage.  Here, we’re going to outline a couple of the reasons why investing in a chimney cap is so beneficial for the health of your fireplace.

Prevents Blockages

Keeping your chimney clear is very important for the safe and proper escape of air from your fireplace.  If there is a blockage that prevents air from escaping, that air has to go somewhere, and the only place for it to go is into the rest of your home.  A smokey house is not a pleasant house, and blockages like debris build up or a small animal choosing to make your chimney into its new home can really create some issues.  A chimney cap will prevent unwanted access to your chimney, as well as allow for the escape of smoke and debris when necessary.

Less Moisture

If you have the luxury of your own fireplace, you most likely know that dry wood and dry conditions in general are ideal for creating a roaring fire.  This means that you want as little moisture in your firebox and chimney as possible, which can be difficult if you have a chimney without a cap.  Just like how the rest of your roof is susceptible to harsh weather conditions, so is your chimney.  Your chimney is essentially an opening in your roof that provides a means for anything, including rain, snow or hail, to get into your home.  Rain, or any type of precipitation, is obviously going to increase moisture in your chimney, causing attempting to make a fire very potentially frustrating.  Excess moisture can also provide a great breeding ground for mold, mildew, and bacteria, as well as cause steel and other metals that may be used for liners, dampers, etc. to rust, and thus become weaker and less effective.

Investing in a chimney cap will save you tons of money further down the road.  It’s an easy, one-time-only installation that will provide you with peace of mind for a long time.  Totally worth it.