rumford fireplace kits

A Rumford Fireplace is a true statement in beauty and utility. Here are some of the great features and benefits you can expect from a Rumford.

Tall Openings For Better Drawing

A Rumford always features a tall opening that creates a beautiful and efficient fire that your friends and family will love. The unique shape ensures that you will get the most heat out of the wood you burn.

Narrow Opening Draws Away Smoke

One of the biggest complaints fireplace owners have is the amount of smoke that can permeate a room, especially if someone is new to the art of using a fireplace. A Rumford has smooth and tapering sides that effectively draw smoke out the chimney instead of allowing it to linger and hinder the air quality of your home.

Solid Construction And Masonry

A Rumford fireplace kit is made to last. While metal fireplaces can show a lot of wear over the years or even need to be replaced, a masonry fireplace will still be offering your family classic good style for years to come. Many beautiful older and historic style homes have masonry fireplaces in them.


Rumford fireplaces are a beautiful centerpiece to a room. A mantle over your fireplace can display cherished mementos or photos. Rumfords are often made of brick, but other types of stone can be used to better match the décor of your home.


Rumford’s may look like they cost a lot but they are comparable to many metal fireplaces. Since they have a historical design that is in many elegant homes, people make the assumption that a Rumford is far outside the price range of the average homeowner.

EPA Tested And Approved

Many people are under the assumption that wood heat systems such as stoves and fireplaces will be outlawed by the EPA. While more regulations have come on board in recent years, you are still allowed to use wood heat. Rumfords are EPA tested and approved, so you don’t have to worry about rules regarding wood heat beyond your county building code regulations.

Designing Your Rumford

A Rumford is a custom crafted work of art. A craftsman can help you determine what options are best for your space and give you an estimate. Of course, there are many ways to customize a Rumford that can add to the cost. Custom tile or iron work, for example, will increase the cost.