Chamber Safe

Chamber Safe - High Performance, Refractory Parging Material
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Chamber Safe is a UL Listed, high performance, refractory parging material, designed to strengthen, streamline, and restore the critical smoke chamber area in masonry chimneys. Preferred by chimney professionals, Chamber Safe smooths jagged, corbelled walls typically found in the smoke chamber, and creates a smooth transition between the smoke chamber and flue liner. Chamber Safe is the ideal choice for improving the flow or draft of the fireplace! The unique insulating properties of our Chamber Safe material improves the safety of the chimney by reducing radiant heat transfer through the smoke chamber. This product is non-water soluble.

Chamber Safe Features:

Superior adhesion

Improves draft

Better workability

Adds structural strength

Resists temperatures up to 2650ºF

Use to repair brick, block, stone, clay flues, and other clay products

Designed for parge or cast applications

UL Listed (UL 1777, ORD 2505)

Chamber Safe Can Repair:

Firebrick & Masonry in Smoke Chambers

Ash Pits

Clay Flues



Masonry Heaters

Masonry Ovens

Masonry Walls

Vent Connections

Woodstoves And More!

Installation Instructions


Brush off and remove any loose masonry or soot from the surface. Predampening is not needed however some prefer to do so.


Use only containers and mixing equipment that are free from other masonry or other residue. Clean plastic or metal containers work best. Dry mix desired quantity thoroughly first. Approx. Ten lbs. at a time is a good quantity to start. Use only clean, cold water. Hot water will quicken set time. For trowel/parge application add 6-8 cups of water for ten lbs. of Chamber Safe. Mix very thoroughly. For cast application add 8-10 cups of water for ten lbs. of Chamber Safe. Mix very thoroughly. Cast into form configured as may be needed. Quantity of water may be slightly adjusted by the installer to their preference.


Apply with desired hand tool (parge or trowel) over the desired area one to two lbs. (per trowel) at a time. Compress to assure no voids in the area of application. Apply first coating ½” to 1 ½” thick. If another coat is desired apply ¼” to ½” thick to obtain desired total thickness. If second coat is to be applied rough up or score the surface of the first coat. This allows for superior bonding of the second coat application. Allow first coat to air dry before application of the second coat.