HeatShield Cerfractory Foam Smoke Chamber Sealant

ChimneySaver Cerfractory Foam Smoke Chamber Sealant
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Your masonry fireplace has an area called the smoke chamber. In most fireplaces it can be easily viewed by shining a strong light up through the damper. Its function is to safely transition smoke and hot gases from your fireplace to the narrow flue of your chimney. Roughly the shape of an upside down funnel, the smoke chamber starts just above the damper and ends where the chimney begins. The bricks along the sides of the smoke chamber are often stepped outward, one above the other, until they meet the flue. This is a process called “corbelling”. The corbelled brick in your smoke chamber will look like an upside down staircase. To protect the integrity and efficiency of your fireplace, the smoke chamber should be free of any gaps, cracks, or jagged edges. The corbelled areas of the smoke chamber should be coated with an insulating, high-temperature mortar to fill any gaps and to smooth out any jagged edges.

When HeatShield Cerfractory Foam is used to restore the integrity of your smoke chamber, you will have the assurance of knowing your fireplace is made safer and more efficient. Your professionally applied HeatShield Cerfractory Foam repair is backed by a 20-year material warranty.  

  •   Listed to UL 2505
  •   Insulates Fireplace Smoke Chambers for Added Safety
  •   Smoothes Jagged Edges, Corbels and Reshapes Smoke Chambers for Increased Performance
  •   Insulates from Heat or Cold
  •   Resists Temperatures Up To 2550° F
  •   Expands Up To 50% More Volume for Better Insulation
  •   Sprayable – No Need To Demolish the Damper and Firebox to Gain Access
  •   Repairs Any Brick Block or Stone Exposed to High Temperatures