ChimneySavers PWR Powdered Water Repellent

ChimneySavers PWR Powdered Water Repellent
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Save money by adding PWR to mortar/concrete mixes for all your repairs, tuckpointing, and rebuilds! Adding our Powdered Water Repellent (PWR) makes mortar/concrete permanently waterproof. This means no return trip to waterproof the chimney. When tuckpointing, just add PWR to your mortar mix. When the mortar is thumb print hard, (that’s when you can press your thumb into it and it won’t leave your thumb print) you can treat the chimney with ChimneySaver Water-Base Water Repellent.

PWR allows you to repair and waterproof the same day. It’s a powder that is mixed with dry mortar/concrete before adding water. Simply mix 1 oz. of PWR per round point shovel of dry ingredients — or one ounce per 15 pounds of bagged, pre-mixed mortar/concrete. A measuring scoop is included. One container is enough to treat 480 lbs. of mortar/concrete mix. Sold in one-pound containers.

•Masonry Walls Can Be Waterproofed the Same Day

•Permanent Water Repellent Protection

•Will Not Alter Surface Color or Appearance

•Mixes Easily With Dry Mortar, And/Or Cement

•Helps Control Efflorescence

  •  Coverage Rate: 1 container treats 480 lbs of mix
  •   Available Sizes: One-pound, recyclable containers
  •   Application Temperatures: Minimum 40° F
  •   Application Method: Add powder to mortar
  •   Dry Time: Once mixed, use immediately
  •   Cleanup: Soap and water