Drop-In Damper

Ideal for installations where a standard top mounting damper is not suitable
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• Ideal for installations or chimney damper replacements where a standard top mounting  damper is not suitable.

• This Drop-In Damper is also a perfect replacement for warped, worn out or a defective factory-built fireplace damper.

• Use on round, square or rectangular flue tiles, flexible or rigid stainless liner, factory-built  chimney, or solid pack chimney liner

• The drop-in damper is easy to open and close from inside the firebox

• The drop-in damper can be used on:

  • Class “A” solid pack
  • Pre-fab fireplace
  • Single-wall round
  • Flexible flue liners
  • Air-insulated 

• Made of 304 Stainless Steel

• Lifetime warranty

• Recessed 6 "

• 50' cable and hardware pack included


NOTE: Damper is made to be used only with open woodburning masonry fireplace chimneys and are NOT suitable for use in these installations:

Do not use on chimneys serving vented gas logs. Vented gas logs require the fireplace damper to be removed completely or fixed to a permanently open position; this is to assure that soot, fumes and carbon monoxide do not enter your home.


Use only on vent-free gas logs if approved by the appliance manufacturer and the local authority having jurisdiction. However, we don't recommend it because the moisture generated from the gas logs could damage the chimney structure.