FireFlex 316Ti Flexible Chimney Liner Tee Kit

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Your FireFlex Flexible Chimney Flue Liner Kit will include a FireFlex 316Ti .006 thick stainless steel liner, 13" x 13" top plate with rain cap and Tee connector with 10" snout & clean out cap for horizontal connections.
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Fireside Chimney Supply's FireFlex chimney liner tee kits are made of 316Ti stainless steel and are used for all fuels. However, we recommend using a Heavy Wall Chimney Liner for both coal and corn usage.

Our FireFlex 316Ti stainless steel chimney liner tee kit is designed to reline existing chimneys or to be used in new construction. They are manufactured using the highest grade mill certified alloys.Flexible chimney flue liners are manufactured with a continuous strip of stainless steel, interlocked and diagonally crimped to produce a gas and water tight system of superior strength. With 7 ply seams and 10 corrugations between each seam it will deliver the flexibility needed to get the job done.

All Liner Measurements are I.D. (Interior Dimension). For O.D. (Outside Dimension) Measurement Add ¼”. Example: A 6” Liner Would Have An I.D. Measurement of 6” and An O.D. Measurement Of 6 ¼”.

Each FireFlex Flexible Chimney Flue Liner Kit includes our very own EZ connect system:

  • Top plate or Flue fit top plate (optional) for the chimneys with the clay tile liner, both with EZ connect collars
  • Rain Cap with screen to eliminate the pests
  • 2 part stainless steel chimney liner tee with removable snout for the horizontal hook-up
  • Lifetime transferable chimney liner warranty except when using coal or corn for fuel
  • Complete installation instructions
  • UL1777 Listed in the USA Underwriter Laboratories
The Deluxe Top Kits (flat top plate w/ hinged screen lid) are constructed of 22g 304 stainless steel.
The Deluxe Clay Tile Top Kits (for clay tiles w/ hinged screen lid) are constructed of 22g 304 stainless steel.

Fireside standard thickness liner is .006. Above industry standards. For Maximum flexibility we also offer .005 thickness for the tough to maneuver jobs.

Fireside Chimney Supply offers a complete line of chimney lining and hearth products. Feel free to look around and if a question arises -. pick up the phone - we're here to help.

Please use the following formula to get the approximate weight of this flexible chimney flue liner.    .116 X Diameter X Length = Weight

We strongly recommend using a polypropylene chimney brush versus any metal chimney brush. Polypropylene is non-abrasive and does not scrape the interior of the chimney liner. Metal brushes have an adverse effect on the liner.

OVALIZATION - Let Fireside Chimney Supply take the worry out of getting through the damper .We will customize your liner by ovalizing the bottom portion to go through the damper area. Just tell us the oval size and length needed using the drop-down from above and we will do the rest. No more labor intense removing or cutting of the damper, when you let Fireside Chimney Supply do the work for you. A couple hard pops with the palms of your hands or deflate a ball and insert into the end of the liner, blow it up and you're back to round to connect to the appliance.

Download The Installation Document Click Here

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