FireFlex Poured Insulation (2.0 cu. ft. bag)

FireFlex Poured Insulation (2.0 cu. ft. Bag)
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Fireside's Poured Insulation is a mixed, vermiculite masonry material used for chimney flue insulation.

How many vermiculite bags of Fireflex chimney insulation mix are needed for your installation?

Manual Example:

A chimney that is 13" Long X 13" Wide and is 15' Tall with a 6" Liner installed needs 8 bags of Fireflex Mix. (see calculations below for an explanation)

Measure the Length & Width of the interior of the chimney space. Multiply them together to find the GROSS area in sq-in.
Example: 13"L x 13"W = 169 GROSS sq-in

Look at the chart below to find the area of the liner to be installed (Choose either the Round or Oval section depending on the liner shape). In the chart a 6" Round Liner = 28.26 sq-in. Subtract the Liner area from the GROSS area in Step-1.
Example: 169 - 8.26 = 140.74 sq-in NET sq-in area.

Multiply the NET sq-in area by the Height (in inches) of the chimney to find the Cubic-Inch volume.
Example: 140.74 x 180"H = 25333.2 Cubic-Inches

Convert Cubic-Inches to Cubic-Feet by dividing the Cubic-Inches from Step-3 by 1728 ( 1728 = 12L x 12W x 12D )
Example: 25333.2 / 1728 = 14.66 Cubic-Feet

Each Fireflex Mix bag is 2 Cubic-Feet. Divide the Cubic-Feet from Step-4 by 2
Example: 14.66 / 2 = 7.33 = 8 Bags required

Calculator Example (does not calc Oval Liners)

Inside dimension
of flue:
= Length (in)

Inside dimension
of flue:
= Width (in)

Height of
Chimney Liner:
= Height (ft)

Diameter of
Chimney Liner:
= Diameter(in)

QTY = of 2cf bags of Fireflex Mix Insulation are required