WeatherTite Flexible Crown Repair

WeatherTite Flexible Crown Repair
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Product Hints & Specifications

  • Weathertite Flexible Crown is a proprietary blend of latex acrylics formulated for use over most exterior masonry. When properly applied, flexible crown will provded a resilient elastomeric, mortar-like finish with superior weathering characteristics! WeatherTite Flexible Crown was designed for use over exterior masonry, stuccos, poured concrete, precast concrete, and concrete block. Warranty Cards included with each container

  • HOW TO: WeatherTite Flexible Crown must be applied to structurally sound, solid, clean and dry substrates. It is not designed to be applied to loose, crumbly, chalky, oil-coated, smooth plastic, or flexible surfaces. Do not apply when freezing temperatures are expected within 12 hours. Do not apply when raining or when rain is imminent or when ambient temperatures drop below 32°. High humidity combined with cold temperature may affect drying time. Allow new construction to cure at least 30 days prior to application.

  • TIPS:

  • 1. Recommended Thickness = 1/16 of an inch.

  • 2. Coverage = 100 to 130 sq. feet per 5 gal pail.

  • 3. Drying Time = Tack free 1 hour, weather resistant in 6 hours, cures completely in 72 hours depending upon weather conditions and composition or porosity of substrate.

  • 4. Shelf Life = 12 months stored in temperatures below 90ц and above 40ц.

  • 20 Year Warranty