Timberwolf EPI22 | Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts with Blower

Control the speed of the two blowers in this fully refractory lined Timberwolf EPI22 wood burning fireplace insert. Buy an EPA certified insert today!
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Timberwolf Fireplace Insert Includes:

Fully lined refractory firebox , painted black door, 2 heat circulating blowers with automatic thermostatic variable speed control and standard Timberwolf wood insert black flashing.

Standard flashing w/trim - designed to fit/cover openings smaller than 32" H x 44 1/2" W

(Flashing Included)

Napoleon Timberwolf EPI22 Economizer Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts with Blower

• EPA Certified

• Large glass ceramic viewing area

• Up to 65,000 BTU's with dual blower system included

• Painted black solid cast iron door included

 Minimum Opening Required: 25 7/8" W x 22" H x 14" D

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Specifications:                                        EPI22 

BTU Heat Output (High Burn*)                   65,000

Firebox Capacity (cu ft)                             1.9

Area Heated (sq ft)                                    1000 - 2000+

Burn Time (Hours)                                      8 Hours

Log Size (Max)                                           18"

Emissions (grams per hour)                       3.6

Flue Diameter Top                                      6"

Blower Kits Available                                  Yes



Add one large piece of wood to the top of an established fire. If it starts to burn on all three sides within one minute, it is dry and seasoned and right for burning. If it turns black and starts to burn in three minutes, it is damp. If it turns black and does not start burning until after five minutes, it is green and wet. If it hisses at any time, the wood is soaked and will not burn until excess moisture is boiled away.

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