Flat Base Premier Damper Cap

Flat Base Premier Damper Cap
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Our Flat Base Damper Cap is designed to be motared into the crown or fit directly onto an existing top plate. The base plate is made from 18ga 304 stainless steel, and extends 2" past the screen for ease of installation.

Just like the original Premier Damper Cap, the Flat Base Damper Cap has an insulated lid, and will withstand temperature extremes from -85° to +450°F. The expanded mesh screen is 3/4" with an option of 5/8" California mesh.


NOTE: Damper is made to be used only with open woodburning masonry fireplace chimneys and are NOT SUITABLE for use in these installations:

Do not use on chimneys serving vented gas logs. Vented gas logs require the fireplace damper to be removed completely or fixed to a permanently open position; this is to assure that soot, fumes and carbon monoxide do not enter your home.

Use only on vent-free gas logs if approved by the appliance manufacturer and the local authority having jurisdiction. However, we don't recommend it because the moisture generated from the gas logs could damage the chimney structure.

Don't use on chimneys serving other fuels, wood stoves or other appliances such as inserts, furnaces, etc.

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