Spring Top Damper & Cap Combo

Spring Top Damper & Cap Combo. The Damper attaches to the top of the flue tile on fireplace chimneys.

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The Spring Top Damper is designed for energy savings. It allows the maximum flue size as the lid springs straight up. When closed the gasket forms a seal helping to save energy in the summer on air conditioning and in the winter on heating costs.

It comes with a lifetime transferable warranty.

All SpringTop Dampers include a 30' Cable & Hardware Package.

Manufactured with Stainless Steel & Aluminum Lifetime Warranty


9" x 9"          Fits Inside Tile Dimensions 7" x 7" up to 10" x 10"

9" x 13"        Fits Inside Tile Dimensions 7" x 10" up to 10" x 13"

13" x 13"      Fits Inside Tile Dimensions 10" x 10" up to 13" x 13"