Vacu-Stack VSS

Model VSS. The Premier Chimney Cap used for solving wind-related chimney draft problems.

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The Vacu-Stack VSS wind resistant chimney cap is made to fit solid pack Class A, Masonry, or Single Wall Chimneys.

Stop Down Drafts and Smoking Caused From:

  • Mountain winds in homes near slopes
  • Wind deflected by tall trees
  • Erratic, turbulent wind around buildings or other obstructions
  • Appliances vented through the sides of buildings

The Vacu-Stack VSS is made of 304 stainless steel and is available in 3" - 10" round diameters.

To install, simply slide the Vacu-Stack chimney cap (with the spring fit design) into the pipe.

Most of the wind-related down draft issues will be greatly improved when using the Vacu-Stack wind resistant chimney cap. Non wind-related problems may also see improvement when using the Vacu-Stack, but may not completely cure the issue.

The Vacu-Stack chimney cap also performs as a regular rain cap protecting against debris, snow, rain and critters.

If the Vacu-Stack has been installed it may not be returned.