3 Reasons Why You Need a Chimney Liner

Chimney liners are a great addition to any fireplace but many people do not understand why they would need one. Are chimney liners necessary for safety and function or simply added for decoration? Are they required by your local building code? Exactly why would you need a chimney liner? Fireside Chimney Supply is here to answer those questions and more. Our experts have outlined a few reasons for you to consider purchasing chimney liners.  

Reasons to Purchase Chimney Liners

Reason 1: Your chimney is unlined.

Just as most houses were built without insulation in the past, most masonry chimneys were built without a liner. The absence of a liner can cause wood exhaust to leak through the mortar joints into your home. That is safety concern indeed. Another safety concern? Your chimney could actually catch fire! That is because in some cases, liquid creosote can eventually dissolve the binder in the mortar and soak into the joints. Without a liner to create a buffer, a fire could occur.

Reason 2: Your chimney is lined, but the liner is in poor condition.

There are many types of durable chimney liners, including those made of rigid and flexible materials. In the case of some masonry chimneys, the liners are made from terracotta clay or pumice, which can crack over time from normal wear and tear. A crack in that type of liner can allow smoke and liquid creosote through, which can ultimately lead to the same risk of chimney fire as described above.

Reason 3: Your chimney is lined, but the liner is not properly sized.

Ill-fitting liners can cause numerous issues. In fact, an oversized liner can lead to everything from smoke spillage to excessive creosote formation and...you guessed it - potential chimney fires. Due to updated safety codes, it is important to have your chimney inspected to ensure all liners are sized accordingly, which will help prevent harmful gases from seeping into your home.

Now that you know the reasons to buy a chimney liner, here are a few questions to ask a chimney expert before making your final purchase.

  • How can I tell if I have a chimney liner or not?
  • If I have a liner, is it damaged?
  • Will I get some assurance about the condition of my chimney before any work is done? What should I expect to get (a report, pictures, etc) that will help me make my final decision?
  • What type of liner will you be installing and why?
  • How will the liner affect my home’s energy efficiency and contribute to a safer environment?

Having a quality chimney liner installed is beneficial for several reasons. There are different types of chimney liners, but the most important thing about a liner is having one in the first place. During your annual chimney cleaning, be sure to ask about your chimney professional to take a quick peek to ensure your chimney lining properly installed and doing its job. If there are any issues, use this list to help to determine the best option for you.