The outside of the home gets so much love in the summer. Homeowners eager to enjoy the outdoors plant gardens, spruce up their home’s curb appeal and even update exterior trim or siding. As temperatures soar, this winter seems so far away. Let’s face it. When people think about chimneys and fireplaces, they think about winter. With last year’s record breaking freezing temperatures and snowfall still fresh in some people’s mind, most of us want to enjoy our hot and humid days as long as possible. But like the rest of the exterior of your home, your chimney can serve a decorative purpose outside of the frigid winter months. There are some creative ways to spruce up your chimney this summer. We have several options to help you adorn your fireplace and chimney.

Chimney pots are a neat way to transform the look of your chimney. If you are unfamiliar them, then you might be asking yourself  “What are chimney pots?” Chimney pots are decorative pots that sit atop a chimney, enhancing the look of one of your home’s most prominent features. While most chimney pots are round, they do come in a variety of shapes and sizes that fit nicely with the style of any home. Whether your home is the classic Spanish style home or a mid-century modern style, there is a perfect chimney pot design for your home.

It is true that most people choose chimney pots primarily to update the look of their chimney. However, these pots have a functional value as well. Chimney pots help improve fireplace drafts due to their tapered designs. Fireplace drafts happen, naturally, when you turn on your fireplace. But, that is another wintertime issue to consider when the time comes. By securing a chimney pot now, you will be prepared to better care for your chimney come those cold winter months

If you are looking for something rare for your home’s chimney, then consider the salt glazed chimney pots. The difference between regular and salt glazed pots is the color and richness given through the wood-fired process. Similar to the process some pottery goes through to get its sheen, salt glazed chimney pots are made using a kiln turned up to a scorching 1850 degrees Fahrenheit! Through a series of chemical reactions, a glaze is formed through the heat to give these pots their unmistakable sheen.

Hopefully, you live in an area where a chimney and fireplace are needed for just a few months out of the year, letting you turn your attention to alternative uses for them during the summertime. You can view our other decorative ideas for your chimney and fireplace throughout our website.