There are a number of things you need to check for when buying an older house. Any number of things could be wrong with it. What you want to keep the sharpest eye out for are things that could be a potential safety threat.

One thing people tend not to think of is the dangers connected to old or worn out chimneys. Not many people realize that a fireplace can actually be a fire hazard after many years of use.

The brick and mortar used to build old fashioned fireplaces can start to wear down over time. Be sure to check for this when looking at used homes. Old chimneys also tend to house the buildup of highly flammable grimes and oils along the interior walls.

If you buy a house with an old chimney, you’ll want to seriously do something about the potential fire hazard. The most effective thing you can do is to install a stainless steel covering for the interior.

Stainless steel liner can’t be eaten away like brick and mortar. It also doesn’t allow combustible grime to form along the interior of your chimney.

When browsing online for a stainless steel chimney covering, also check the websites for other products. Some companies that sell the steel liner will also sell other inserts that will make the old chimney look nicer. The best websites are the ones that offer everything from wood burning fireplace inserts to fireplace refractory panels.