Lining your chimney with stainless steel is a great way to make it look nicer and prevent fire hazard. Old, worn out bricks and mortar are covered up and combustible grimes and oils can no longer form on your chimneys interior.

The installation process can also be done on your own without having to hire an installer. But you’ll still need to get the material from a company that knows what they’re doing. Not all suppliers will be able to get you exactly what you need. Some fireplaces and chimneys have an odd or unique design, you’ll need a company that can offers the supplies for any size, shape, or situation.

Browse online to find a company that can offers everything from chase covers, rigid chimney liners, refractory panels, along with any other products you may need.

Be sure to find a company with plenty of experience. If you’re taking on an odd shaped chimney, you’re going to need help with this job. So, you want to make sure you’re working with someone who’s qualified to give you that help.

Look for companies with years of experience and great customer service. Always check for customer testimonials and life time-warranties. You can find such a company at this website: