Chimney caps are a very important chimney product because they actually serve several purposes. Putting a chimney rain cap on top of your chimney prohibits deterioration on the inside from the elements, including both snow and rain. Using a chimney cap, also known as spark arrestors, prevents hot sparks from escaping from the chimney and landing on an area that could cause a fire. This includes your roof, of course. Beyond these, chimney caps also keep birds, squirrels, rats, mice, bats and other animals from making a nest inside of your chimney or using the chimney as a gateway to enter your home. Wow, all of a sudden- it's pretty clear to see why you need to buy a chimney cap online!

As soon as you begin shopping, you'll realize that not all chimney caps are the same. You have options! A few of the most popular include:

Round Clamp Chimney Caps These chimney caps have a single easy clamp fastening system and are available in multiple sizes. They are designed to fit round terra cotta flue tiles or metal liners. 

Weathershield Chimney Cap. If you live somewhere with heavy precipitation, this is the option for you. The Weathershield Chimney Cap (WSA-TDW) enhances your chimney's performance.

It will keep out rain, snow, and any other outside elements from entering your chimney. The stainless steel construction will provide rust-free performance for years, no matter how wet it gets. Should you need to provide maintenance of any kind, the top of the cap is removable so it's easy to do. The wire mesh screen provides a measure of safety helping to contain sparks. If you like this option, there's also a conversion kit! You can use the Weathershield Conversion Kit to change your Weathershield Chimney Cap into a Stormshield Chimney Cap. This will keep out heavy, driving rain. It will also help with wind related downdrafts.

Weathershield Tallboy Chimney Cap. Some chimneys are very tall and skinny. If this describes your chimney, you'll want to look into this option. This chimney cap has a slip collar that extends 15" below the bottom lid assembly. When you order through us, three tie down straps are included in order to secure the cap and eliminate liner float. It is made of 100% 304 Stainless Steel, which ensures a long life.

Vacu-Stack Chimney Caps. These caps can be either air-cooled or non air cooled caps that protects your chimneys from wind induced downdrafts. This style was specifically designed to solve common wind-related draft problems. We have several available options, like the Vacu-Stack VSS and the Vacu-Stack TDW. There's even a "tallboy" option for those tall, skinny chimneys!

There are multiple lid and metal choices available to compliment your home and design style. You can bet someone who lived hundreds of years ago has chimney cap options like this!