A chimney damper is a necessary accessory for homes with a chimney. It allows all of the smoke and soot to go out, without letting anything down the chimney itself. This means rainwater, pests, and more. A chimney damper is also a great device to close off your chimney flue and help keep heat and cooling in your home instead of leaving right up and out the chimney flue. 

A chimney damper is a fairly simple device; it is used to close or partially close off the flue. When the damper is in the open position, it allows the smoke away to exit out. In the closed position, the damper helps prevent outside air from entering or your conditioned air from exiting the house. This will help to make your home more energy-efficient.

They are constructed of metal and can withstand the heat of the fire and still function properly without damage. They are controlled by a handle, pull chain, or latch. Once you buy a chimney damper online, you'll need to install it yourself. Don't worry! This is well within the ability range of nearly everyone, whether you excel at DIY home tasks or not. Installing a chimney damper does not require any special tools. The damper will fit right up into the flue system and should sit above the smoke chamber. Getting the damper to stay in place is as easy as tightening the screws that come with the damper into the walls of the flue system.

If you have a round chimney, there is more good news because installation is even easier! After locating the appropriately sized damper through our online catalog, you simply need to push the damper down into the flue system. The chimney damper should fit snugly. While you're there, you'll want to seal the edges with silicon to ensure it does not move over time.

As you can see, installing a chimney cap is really very easy. This is why you should feel confident you can do it. Browse our online catalog and first select the chimney damper that is right for you. For instance, we have the Energy Top Plus Damper that is available in sizes 8x8 all the way up to a massive 18x18. We also encourage you to look at the Lock-Top Damper option. The pop-up lid assures that maximum flue size is maintained when the damper is open and provides superior weather protection. The silicone rubber gasket seals very tightly to minimize the loss of hot or cool air through the chimney. That's exactly what you're looking for!

These dampers come with a lifetime warranty. It's just one more reason you should feel very confident in your ability to purchase the correct product and install it with ease! Go ahead and order yours today.