Repercussions of using wrong chimney chase covers

If you have been worrying over the rust in your chimneys, then it might well be the doing of your chimney chase cover. The materials used for fabricating these covers have to be resistant to various weather conditions. Wind blown debris tends to accumulate in these covers and when they are soaked in rain or snow, they begin to rot. This further enhances the rusting of the cover. The kind of debris that is accumulated also makes a lot of difference. Particles with acidic properties can increase the rusting process. Continued exposure to such environmental factors will cause the chimney cover to pit and all the water accumulated in the cover will begin to drip. So, if you notice rust stains in your chimney, then you probably have to replace the chase cover to prevent your chimney from further deterioration.

What are the best materials used?

The most recommended materials for chimney chase covers are stainless steel and aluminum. Hindalium, which is an alloy of aluminum is also resistant to corrosion and can be safely used. By choosing a chimney chase cover made out of the best weather resistant material, you not only increase the life of the cover but also the life of your chimney.