Protect your chimney from blockage

Chimney chase covers are used on the top of chimneys to prevent external particles from entering into the chimney and causing unnecessary problems. Some of the most plausible things that can get into your chimney are critter, rainwater, snow and wind blown debris. In any case, cleaning such accumulated particles is a very cumbersome process. Chimney chase covers can be a huge blessing in such situations as they save your labor, time and money. These covers are fitted to completely cover the opening of the chimney.

How to choose a chimney chase cover?

You need to take certain precautions while purchasing chimney chase covers. Firstly, make sure that the cover fits perfectly over the chimney, without leaving any scope of opening for external particle to get in. Secondly, the material used in construction of the chimney chase cover has to be weather resistant. Iron covers and galvanized covers tend to rust and you will have to replace the cover fairly quickly. Further, if you get these covers repaired, the effect will only be temporary. Therefore, you need to ensure that the material should be corrosion resistant and all-weather compatible. Stainless steel and high grade aluminum are the best suited materials in this regard.