Be careful during installation

A chase cover is like a cap that prevents particles from entering the chimney.

The installation of a chimney chase cover makes a lot of impact on the way it performs. It is important that the cover be properly fit in order to prevent the smallest of particles from getting into the chimney. When you install, make sure that the covers are not made up of thin galvanized material that rusts easily. Further, the cover needs to be fitted to the chimney so that it stays put in the same position. Use of nails and screws that can rust is also to be avoided since leaks can develop from these points we well. If you notice rust leaking down your chimney, then you have to understand that it is time for change. When you install it this time, keep all the important considerations in mind so that you can prolong the life of the chimney cover as well as the chimney.

How to install in the right manner?

The best way to install a chimney cover is to use stainless steel nails and screws. These are as weather resistant as the cover and hence, you can avoid a lot of unnecessary problems. Installation of covers with domes can be very helpful.