Rusting can be more than just visually unappealing

One of the major reasons for installing a chimney chase cover is to protect it from rusting. Installation of a chimney chase cover also prevents debris, small animals and birds, snow and water from entering the house. Both internal and external rusting can have unwanted repercussions not only on the chimney but also on the cover. Rusting can be a serious problem as it reduces the strength of the metal and makes it more brittle. As a result, your chimney becomes weak and less immune to the high temperatures within it. In extreme cases of rusting, chimneys are also burst. Therefore, installation of chimney chase covers is important not only for cosmetic reasons but for safety reasons as well.

The best chimney chase covers to use

There are a number of chimney chase covers available in the market. Use of low quality galvanized sheet metal is as good as installing no cover at all because they offer very low protection. Color Clad is a good material for chimney covers and so are aluminum and stainless steel. When you buy a cover for your chimney, you can choose to have a custom made cover in order to enhance protection.