You have several options in terms of the type of the material of the chimney liner, but the very best option is to go for stainless steel chimney liners. Other than stainless steel chimney liners, you also get aluminum chimney liners and ceramic chimney liners. The aluminum chimney liners and flexible and this allows you to install them yourself using chimney liner kits. However while this will save you money and upheaval in the short term, spending a bit more on stainless steel chimney liners is recommended as these will be the least likely to corrode or tear over time – which can be a big problem for aluminum chimney liners.

Stainless steel chimney liners will really protect your chimney from damage and they will last the longest themselves before they need to be replaced. In fact they should last you for the whole time you need them, and for this reason it is possible to get stainless steel chimney liners that come with a life time warranty.

This lifetime warranty will prevent you from ever needing to replace your chimney liner.