However if you really want chimney liner that you can rely on then it is important to put a little extra work into it yourself, and specifically this means getting insulation for your chimney sweep liner.

But bearing in mind that the role of the chimney liner is essentially to provide insulation, why do you also need insulation for that itself? Well chimney sweep liner is actually a highly essential example of chimney supplies for several reasons.

First of all, if you have stainless steel chimney liners you might find that when the wind blows very heavily the liners rattle and shape and this can make an awful racket – in fact it will be enough to wake you up and it won't be particularly conducive to rest or relaxation which is what most of us use our fireplaces for.

Another reason you need insulation is to protect your liner. Whether you use foil liners, stainless steel liners or ceramic the problem with this is that it is a conductor and not an insulator.