If you are looking to buy a chimney liner for your home you should be aware that there are different liners available, depending on whether you use multi-fuel heating or oil or gas heating. Both of these stainless steel chimney liners are used for lining masonry chimney stacks, the main difference being that the multi-fuel liner has a twin-skin construction whereas the oil/gas fuel liner has a single skin construction.

The multi-fuel liner is deeply corrugated on the outside skin but smooth on the inner core. This makes it easier for cleaning and there are no areas for the tar and soot to build up. This liner can be used for wood burning stoves, multi-fuel systems, open fires and can also be used for gas and oil appliances, making it a very versatile liner as you can change your heating system without worrying about changing the liner. This versatility does make it a little more expensive but you are paying for the convenience.

The oil/gas flue liner has a single skin which is deeply corrugated. This liner is only suitable for use with an oil or gas heating system and because of that tends to be a cheaper option then the multi-fuel liner. It is very important that you use the correct flue liner in order to prevent any problems occurring with your heating and chimney liner.