Wood burning fireplace inserts can be defined as units made from stone or other substances that are designed to be placed into a fireplace that is old or not very efficient. The fire inserts lower pollution in the air, heighten energy efficiency and increase the output of warming your living area. Although they may not be cheap, fireplace inserts are less expensive as compared to regular utilities. Research needs to be done in making decision for acquiring a fireplace insert.

The condition of the fireplace is the major factor to consider. If the ventilation is not adequate and your fireplace is full of cracks, then repair must be done. If a contractor is to be hired then he should make sure that your fireplace is structurally sound. The insert should not be for display only; it should be put to good use. If it is going to increase your usable space, then searching the best prices for your insert is prudent. One should not bother with an insert if he already does not use the room where the fireplace is located. In fact, he should close off the area especially during the cold months. If you are not able to install the insert yourself then involving a contractor in this task is wise. For proper installation, the clearance area for ventilation is important. No health hazards are produced if the fireplace is correctly vented.