It is recommended to use a stainless steel chimney chase cover when replacing your old chase cover. Stainless steel is not only durable and stronger but it also looks new for quite a longer period of time. The chase cover should be designed with a cross break since this helps in preventing ice and water from getting trapped on top of the chase cover. With stainless chase covers, there is guarantee for preventing corrosion from happening.

The prefab chimney chase covers do rust because of the elements. The decaying process starts when rain water and snow get trapped on top of the chase cover. This may even get worse when leaves from trees mix with moisture leading to creation of acidic condition which breaks down the galvanized coating of a chase cover. The breakdown causes pitting of the chase cover which eventually leads to dripping of water inside your chimney.

The stainless steel chimney chase cover is customized to fit one’s home, it looks great and protection from moisture and the melting snow is taken good care of. It withstands damage from heavy snow, storms and prevents debris from entering inside the chase. This chimney chase cover protects a family from health problems as well as the occurrence of other problems that may lead to the costly chimney repairs.