A chimney liner is one component of a chimney whose importance cannot be overemphasized. This is because it prevents gases of combustion from leaking into your house, which could turn out to be a health hazard as the gases are toxic (carbon monoxide being a case in this point). Apart from this, some of the substances resulting from combustion of fuel are themselves combustible. An example is creosote, which can seep through the mortar of your chimney and collect in adjacent woodwork. Hence it can become a fire hazard.

One should therefore consider upgrading their chimney lining for safety’s sake. This is especially true if your chimney was built with no liner, or if it has a liner which is cracked or too large. One could contract a professional to do it or do it themselves, but the constant that shouldn’t be ignored is to use quality products, preferably liners made of stainless steel. These can be bought as chimney liner kits from reputable companies. This ensures that your new lining works better and for longer periods, irrespective of whether you or a contractor installed it yourself. Some chimney lining professionals may want to work with their own liner kits, but the only way to know that you are getting to use a quality product is to buy the kit yourself, and then have it installed.