A smooth wall stainless steel chimney liner is the latest technology in this wide chimney industry. It combines the advantages of both the improved performance of a rigid chimney liner and flexible chimney liner. This stainless steel liner has a double wall construction which takes advantage of the highest technology involved in making 316 version of stainless steel. The liner is more flexible than any other and offers the best performance you can think of.

A smooth wall stainless steel chimney liner is the most efficient venting because of the decreased turbulence. The liner can be shaped into square, oval and rectangle to take advantage of each cubic inch and more so, offer maximum draft. The stainless steel chimney kit includes cap, collar, tee, top plate, stainless screws and clamp. If your chimney is that straight from top to bottom then this kit is perhaps the perfect one. While taking advantage of the high quality smooth wall interiors, the liner itself will last forever and is easier to clean. Insulation will be required for the solid fuels although this may be optional for gas and oil. The smooth wall will have a smooth flexible interior wall while the exterior is corrugated. There are therefore no sizing restrictions in case of oil and gas applications.