Everyone loves to have a fireplace in their home. Whether it's to add that extra bit of warmth to your home during the holidays (literally and figuratively), or simply for aesthetics, a home will always benefit from having some type of fireplace installed. When you venture into an older home, you'll see a different type of fireplace than you would in a current model home, but the only main difference is the maintenance.

Determining the type of fireplace that's right for your home is a process, and there are a few factors that you'll need to consider before jumping to any rash investments.

Things to Consider While Fireplace Shopping

  • What is my budget?
  • Is having a "green" fireplace important to me?
  • What kind of fireplace amenities do you need?
  • Is the fireplace being installed for energy efficiency or simply for visual appeal?

Once you've asked yourself those questions, it's time to start shopping around for the right fireplace for your home. We're going to look at the different types of fireplaces that are available today, and you can determine which one is the best fit.

Electric Fireplaces

Once electric fireplaces were produced, they started popping up everywhere; in homes, shopping centers, on shelves - literally everywhere. They're popular because they're energy efficient, require little maintenance, and they're safe. With the heating element tucked within the unit, electric fireplaces are cool to the touch, and additional parts allow for the heat to be blown into the air. Some electric fireplace models even come with a timer, and a remote control.

Wood Fireplaces

This is the old school way to install a fireplace in your home. Wood burning fireplaces are costly to install because of the elements involved, including an entire chimney liner kit. Plus, you'll have to get it inspected annually to make sure everything is in good shape so your house doesn't burn down next winter. Although wood fireplaces are a big investment, they really up the value of your home. Start by checking out our popular masonry fireplace kits.

Gas Fireplaces

Able to burn either propane or natural gas, gas fireplaces can be a costly investment and some require a chimney if they produce carbon monoxide. However, unlike an electric fireplace, these things produce REAL heat, so you'll want to be careful to not touch it when it's on or still hot. Gas fireplaces are the best mock of wood fireplaces, making them one of the most popular fireplace options available.